Keep Warm this Sunday!

Keep Warm this Weekend!

And Win a £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

With temperatures down close to -18 in some parts of the UK on Friday night, it’s definitely been the coldest night of the year so far. Most people will be sat by the fire this weekend and only going out if they have to; if you do have to work today – especially if you work outside – you have our sympathy. If you’re lucky enough to be at home, it’s a great chance to catch up on some of your favourite games at Prime ScratchCards!

With well over 100 games at Prime ScratchCards (and more launched every month) it’s easy to forget some of the golden oldies that made so many lucky players into Big Winners. Pirates Paradise is a Prime ScratchCards classic that’s a perfect antidote to the freezing February weather. It’s set in the Caribbean, a one time haunt of fierce pirates who plundered treasure ships and generally made life miserable for anybody sailing the high seas. Even today there are many legends of buried pirate treasure – gold coins of every currency, ingots and plate. Most of the stories are just wishful thinking, but we know of one pirate treasure that’s really not a myth. It’s the massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT that’s hidden somewhere in Pirates Paradise!

Pirates were a wild bunch at the best of times; their lives revolved around drinking huge quantities of super strength rum, 3 day barbecues on Caribbean beaches – and robbing anything that they could lay their hands on. Not surprisingly, the winning symbols in Pirates Paradise are Pistols, Flaming Grenades, Crossed Cutlasses and Treasure Chests. The amazing Prime Paytable  can multiply your original bet up to X 10000!

Most of the real Caribbean pirates were a long way from the romantic characters shown in films and books – and very few of them lived long enough to enjoy their ill gotten gains. Fever, fighting and the gallows accounted for most pirates and very few made it to old age. Pirates Paradise at Prime ScratchCards is a much safer bet for any treasure seeker; you can’t get simpler than a classic 3 reel slots game and there are INSTANT CASH PRIZES to be won with every click of the mouse.

If you want a break from the freezing European weather, login to Prime ScratchCards and we’ll whisk you away to Pirates Paradise – or 100+ other great locations where you could be just seconds away from making your fortune!

Prime Hint:

There’s romance in the air and you could be celebrating this week at Prime ScratchCards. Be sure to login on Valentines Day to find out more….

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