It’s the First Hot Day of the Year!

It’s barely spring and we’ve already got our first hot weekend!

Depending who you believe, London is already hotter than either Madrid or parts of the Sahara. The newspapers are all full of reports about global warming, drought and crazy weather, but I doubt if too many people in Britain are complaining this weekend…

Prime ScratchCards have a game lined up for pretty much every occasion. So if the hot weather’s put you in the mood for beaches, picnics, barbecues and cold beer, we’ve got the perfect games for you to chill out with.

Prime ScratchCards is all about the good things in life. It doesn’t come much better than lounging by the pool with a cold drink. Summer Fun is a great holiday game set in a luxury hotel. This classic 3 reel slots game could be the one that pays out a massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot. The winning symbols BAR, 7, and fruit may have been in use 100 years ago, but they still pack a very powerful punch!

At least one lucky winner will have plenty to celebrate when the reels stop spinning. If you win a Prime Jackpot, do us a favour and email some photos from whatever resort you decide to jet off to.

Another top summer game is the famous Sea and Sun – possibly the hottest 5 reel slots game in the world. This is a sizzling game that’s packed full of surprises in the shape of Scatter and Wild cards and all kinds of winning combinations.

Sea and Sun is a fun game that takes you straight to the beach – golden sand, surf and sun tans. If you’re lucky enough to live next to the beach, you’ll see this every day. But for most people it’s just a dream. Prime ScratchCards likes to make dreams come true; if you hit a big prize you could be on the next flight…..

It might already feel like summer, but the next holiday is Easter. Get ready for some new games and an exciting new Easter Promotion!

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