It’s Carnival Time!

It’s Carnival Time

At Prime ScratchCards!

It’s party time in Brazil with the annual extravaganza of the Rio Carnival. The celebrations started on Friday and have been getting wilder all weekend. The Carnival is probably the noisiest, craziest and most colourful party on the planet!

We couldn’t let an event like the carnival pass without joining the fun in some way. We’ve got a special free promotion and a great game for you to play here at Prime ScratchCards. If you’ve never been to Brazil; here’s a chance to find out more about this fantastic 5 day street party and the amazing country where it all takes place.

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Play today and every time you make a deposit you’ll automatically be entered in the Rio Raffle. You can accumulate as many tickets as you want and could join the 20 lucky players who will each win 200€ in the Free Prize Draw. The beauty of this kind of competition is that everything is done for you – there’s no need to fill out special forms or answer questions – just make a deposit with Prime ScratchCards in the normal way and you could be a winner!

The Carnival is a tradition in several Latin countries but it’s the Brazilians who’ve got it down to an art form; they do the biggest and loudest street parties on the planet. The Rio Carnival might be the biggest event of 2012 in South America, but it’s origins go all the way back to ancient Rome and the pagan festival of Saturnalia. The Christians took the holiday over and changed it to mark Lent and the build up to Easter; the early carnivals had a religious theme as much as a festive one. Over the years the carnivals took on an African Brazilian feel to them and were heavily influenced by Samba music. These days it’s all about fun; different Samba schools and neighbourhoods compete to see who can launch the best float and parade in the most colourful costumes. 5,000,000 people are expected to turn out to watch the show – including half a million tourists.

We’ve also got a great carnival game here at Prime ScratchCards. Check out Triple Carnival – it could just be a lucky game this week – and is definitely loads of fun to play. At least one  Lucky Winner could be celebrating Brazilian style if they hit the massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Win on Triple Carnival and you could be jetting off to Brazil to party round the clock in 2013!

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