Have some Fun this Weekend!

Have some Fun this Weekend!

A lot of people have said that they’re already in the January slump that follows the Christmas and New Year Celebrations. The partying is over, it’s back to the daily routine and the weather’s been terrible; there are still a few months of cold, wet and long dark nights to go until the spring….

Fortunately we can offer you a break from the winter here at Prime ScratchCards!

The good news is that you’re never more than 1 CLICK AWAY from a nice hot summer here at Prime ScratchCards. We’ve got a whole range of fantastic summer themed games that you can play 365 days a year!

If you want to take an instant break just login and play..

Get some Summer Fun

And you could win a £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Summer Fun is a sizzling hot poolside slots game that uses the classic old fashioned slots symbols to deliver loads of Instant Cash Prizes and massive PRIME JACKPOTS! Look out for BAR, 777 and fruit when you play this great holiday game. If you’re the next Big Winner on Summer Fun, you really could be dropping everything and flying off for a winter break somewhere hot and sunny. There’s nothing like lounging by the pool with a cold drink while everybody else is freezing at home…

Get Some Sea with your Sun!

Another great game to play this weekend, if you want to beat the winter blues, is Sea & Sun. It’s all about sandy beaches, sea, surf and sun – not forgetting Instant Cash Prizes and PRIME JACKPOTS!

Sea & Sun is a great 3 reel slots game with WILD and SCATTER cards that can push your winnings straight up to a


If you want to take a break this weekend (and have some fun and excitement in the process) Prime ScratchCards is the place to come.  If you click on the right card – or spin the right wheel – you’ll be just seconds away from a life changing PRIME JACKPOT!

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