Have a Sporting Sunday

Have a Sporting Sunday

at Prime ScratchCards!

If you’re going to play on Prime ScratchCards today, why not make it a Sporting Sunday? We’ve got a whole section of great sports games – ranging from the active and athletic to the relaxing and rested – and you can guarantee that they’re all a lot of fun to play!

We don’t offer our sports winners trophies or cups, but if you score the winning goal or you’re first across the finishing line, you’ll definitely win an Instant Cash Prize. Our Big Winners could be stepping up to collect a massive


100m. Champion is a superb sprinters scratch card that bets everything on an exciting 100m dash to the finish line. This is an Olympic level game that promises some huge cash prizes.

Remember: it pays to be a winner!

We’re not all as energetic as Olympic athletes, so fortunately Prime ScratchCards features some less exerting sports games – a big favourite is Darts. There’s nothing better than relaxing in the warmth of the pub, with a pint and a friendly game of Darts. You can play a quick game anytime you like at Prime ScratchCards and you’ll chalk up the wins even faster than in real life! Darts really is a fun game and the great graphics make it a total pleasure to play!

Don’t Forget Football!

We couldn’t talk about sports without mentioning football! Goal Kick is a fantastic penalty shoot out game that easily matches the excitement of the real thing. With a possible £100,000 hanging on  a single penalty strike, the tension can’t get much greater!

Another fun football themed game is World Champions a classic scratch card that takes you to the international stadium to meet the world’s greatest players. Match them up and you’re a winner too!

If you’re a sports fan you can treat yourself to a great Sporting Sunday here at Prime ScratchCards when you check out our superb Sports Section. There’s everything from high intensity athletics to the world’s most laid back game – Gone Fishin

If you’re not a sports fan don’t worry – we’ve still got more than 100 great games to choose from – including; Casino. Slots, Fantasy, Adventure, Classic Scratch Cards and many more!

Have a Great Sunday at Prime ScratchCards!

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