Happy New Year!

A Very Happy New Year!

To all our Players and Scratch Card fans!

We’d like to wish all our players and scratch card fans a very Happy New Year. We hope 2012 will be a great (and really lucky) year for you all!

Hopefully 2012 will be a top year at Prime ScratchCards, we’re already planning to launch some major New Games with massive PRIME JACKPOTS. The push is on to find even more exciting prizes and offer bigger and better Cash Payouts right through the year.  2011 was a good year – we topped the 100 game mark – and paid out some serious money to a lot of lucky players. There was also a host of crazy characters unleashed at Prime ScratchCards in 2011. Here are a few of them:

Some of the most memorable characters of 2011 have to be the hapless bandits from Wild West, our great shoot ’em up scratch card. They may not be pretty – or even very bright – but they knew where the money was!

Some more funny characters of 2011 are definitely the Crazy Cats. The 3 feline musketeers are the stars of another great scratch card game and if you can catch all of them together you could win a massive


Meet the Joker!

Another big favourite of 2011 is the Joker from Joker Poker. He appeared almost from nowhere and started handing out Instant Cash Prizes and PRIME JACKPOTS to all out Poker Fans. He also taught the basics of this great card game to a lot of new players. The Joker is a slippery character, but if you can pin him down there could be some serious money coming your way!

We’ll be continuing with a review of all the craziest characters, best games and biggest winners over the next few days. We’ll also be taking a look at some of the exciting things that we’ve got lined up for you in 2012. It’s going to be a busy year with a lot of Brand New Games, fast thrills and fantastic Free Competitions. Prime ScratchCards is going to be the Number One online gaming site of 2012!

So from all the team at Prime ScratchCards, we wish you a

Very Happy New Year!

And we hope to see your face on our list of Big Winners in 2012!

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