Get Ready for some Brand New Games

Get Ready for some Brand New Games

This January at Prime ScratchCards!

Coming Up in January 2012

We’re getting the New Year off to a flying start here at Prime ScratchCards with the launch of yet more fantastic games. We’re not going to let too much slip just now, but we can tell you that they’re going to be some of the most technologically advanced games that we’ve released so far. But don’t worry – they’ll still be easy to play. The big difference will be in the sheer quality of the gaming experience; even better graphics, stunning interactive features, loads of fun and massive PRIME JACKPOTS!

When we talk about ‘massive Prime Jackpots’ we mean prizes like the life changing £1,000,000 that comes with the amazing 3WOW! game – it’s there 24 hours a day, just waiting for a lucky player to click on the winning card!

There’s a very strong rumour that there will be an even bigger PRIME JACKPOT coming up later this year….

100 Great Games!

One of our big achievements of 2011 was in reaching the 100 game point. We plan to build on that right through 2012 and offer even more huge prizes, exciting free competitions, raffles, prize draws and special Prime Surprises!

We’ll also be teaming up with some well known High Street chains, and top brands to bring you all kinds of great extras from free shopping vouchers to foreign holidays and much, much more!


2012 will be a busy year for Prime ScratchCards on Facebook. Players who are in the know have taken the time to LIKE us and are keeping up to date with all the news, chat and top tips. It’s a great way to be the 1st to hear about the latest freebies, giveaways and new competitions!

Why Not Have Your Say?

If you’ve got any ideas or suggestions about what you’d like us to do in 2012, send us an email with your thoughts. We’re always glad to hear from our scratch card fans!

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