Get Ready for June!

Get Ready for June

We’re Going Football Crazy!

It’s almost June, which means the UEFA European Football Championship – Euro 2012!

We’ve got a fantastic New Game lined up for you and a great free competition waiting for the kick off. We can’t say to much about either of them just yet (you’ll have to wait until next month) but we guarantee you’ll love what we’ve got in store for you!

Just to get you in the mood until then, here’s a quick look at our superb Sports Section, with a special emphasis on football games.

In 1st Place is Goal Kick

All you have to do is beat the Goalkeeper and you could kick your way straight to a £100,000 Prime Jackpot!

The action is as tense as any real life penalty shoot out when you play Goal Kick. If you’ve got the nerve to play for big prizes you could be our next football superstar.

World Champions Makes Winners!

We’re looking for winners with World Champions – Big Winners. There’s a huge cash prize at stake and we need a champion to take it. The great news is that it could be you; all it takes to win the Jackpot is a single click. If you’re brave enough to try for the big prize, you could be the next lucky player who gets the magic phone call from our Support Staff…..

Take a Break from the Tension and have a Laugh!

With Splash Cash…

Splash Cash is the craziest fun game in the Sports Section and is perfect for anybody who wants to take a break from football. The idea is to make your player jump through a screen, and it sounds a lot easier than it really is. Miss time it and he goes head first into the water.

Splash Cash may be a crazy Game, but there’s nothing insane about winning £100,000!

We’ll have more Sports Games and more news about what’s coming next month. Check back during the week for the latest updates and some top tips.

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