Fruity Friends

Sometimes all you want from a game (apart from great graphics, loads of cash prizes and some excitement) is pure fun. Fruity Friends is a fun online slots game that you’ll love from the first spin. It’s definitely a game for people who don’t take life too seriously and is already a hit big with Prime ScratchCards fans.

Fruity Friends is might look cute, but it packs a few cool surprises; there are an amazing 25 lines, plus free spins and an exciting Bonus Round to boost your winnings and give you some extra thrills. There’s also a powerful Prime Paytable that sets out all the winning combinations, as well as Wild and Scatter; two top paying extras that will appear when you least expect them and carry you all the way to a fruity cash prize. When you play Fruity Friends it’s worth taking the time to check out the Prime Paytable – all 5 pages of it – there are loads of hidden extras in this game and you don’t want to miss out.


It might look crazy – but 25 lines is a high powered option that can push your winnings sky high!

You can play Fruity Friends for just 10p a spin – which means you can go up to 25 lines for just £2.50 – even a small initial bet can suddenly spin up to a massive Prime Jackpot! If the Free Spins and Bonus Rounds kick in you’ll really be ahead of the game.

Have a great weekend and if you play Fruity Friends we hope you’ll be a winner. There’s another great game coming up next week at Prime ScratchCards, so check your Inbox and don’t miss out!

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