Experience the Magic of Sampo!


Experience the Magic of Sampo!

There’s a Brand New Game out at Prime ScratchCards today and it’s a little bit special!

We’ve got games that are set in dozens of different countries around the world. The second you log into the site you can set off on an amazing round the world tour and win money on almost every continent. A couple of clicks will take you from Sakura Garden in Japan to Namaste in India and onto the sophistication of Cafe Paris and 5th Avenue.

Sampo is our very 1st game from Finland – and it’s about time – because Prime ScratchCards is on it’s way to becoming a big name in that country.

Our Finnish fans will already know all about Sampo, but everybody else will probably need an explanation. Sampo is a magical artefact from ancient Finnish legends, the story is that it was created by the blacksmith Ilmarinen who used magic to make the Sampo in a forest forge.

Prime ScratchCards has forged this ancient story into an exciting new high tech Flash game with a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT! The Sampo can take on many forms and you can choose from 4 different ones when you play this great game, set in the dark northern forest.

2 games in 1

Choose from Hearts, 7, the  Four Leaved Clover or a Horse shoe – all lucky symbols in their own right – and click PLAY.

You’ll immediately be given TWO CHANCES to be a winner – 3 of a kind and 3 in a row. Click on both to try and find your Instant Cash Prize.

Remember: you can play Sampo for just 50p a game!

Whether you believe in magic or not, there’s no doubting the fact that Sampo comes with a top prize of a huge


This massive cash payout is just waiting for a lucky winner to click on the right card – and it could be you!

Why not step into the magical forest clearing and try your luck with Sampo….

Prime Hint: We’ll be continuing on our travels to a South American destination in the near future – and there’ll be some serious money on offer to players who keep their eyes open. Check back later to find out more…

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