Enjoy the Diamond Jubilee

If you haven’t already celebrated the Diamond Jubilee, there’s only one game to play over the next two days – and that’s Royal Slots!

Britain is busy celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year on the throne. There have been all kinds of parades and parties; as well as a four day long weekend. One bank holiday is great, but two together is a real bonus! We’ve a feeling that there could be one game in particular that might just be very lucky over the next couple of days; and that’s the superb Royal Slots. Prime ScratchCards is one of the most forward thinking and exciting sites on the internet. We’ve always got the latest high tech video slots and cutting edge games like Spiderman Revelations and the Hulk; but we’ve also got a soft spot for a bit of tradition. Royal Slots is an old style 3 reel slots game that uses classic fruit symbols like Cherries and Lemons, as well as BAR, 777 and Bells. These games were everywhere 60 years ago when the Queen came to the throne – and they’re still going strong!

Win a £100,000 Prime Jackpot!

If you played a slots machine in Britain 60 years ago it probably paid out in pennies – win 12 and you’d have a shilling. Money has moved on a bit since then; and so have prizes. If you hit the winning combination on Royal Slots you could be jumping for joy when a massive £100,000 Prime Jackpot appears on your screen!

Have a great Monday and Tuesday and don’t forget to try your luck with Royal Slots. It’s already produced a couple of Big Winners and will see a lot of action over the next few days.

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