Break the Bank

Break the Bank

With Roulette Pro

There’s an exciting new game at Prime ScratchCards that’s every bit as thrilling as a real life casino. It takes you straight to a luxury roulette table where a single bet can rake in a Prime fortune.

Roulette Pro is possibly the single best casino game that we’ve seen this year, and it’s already a massive hit with players. When you login to this game it really is like you’re in a high class casino – with some great extra features that make the playing experience even more enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if you’re an absolute beginner or a high roller because Roulette Pro caters to every level of play. You can buy chips from £1 up to £100, and bet slow and steady; or try to break the bank. This is a seriously exciting game!

To play Roulette Pro, click to choose a chip and place it on the board – maybe you’ve got a lucky number that you want to bet on – or you just believe in random chance. As soon as you’re ready click Spin and watch the ball go! There’s a nice little extra feature that allows you to change the board colour to suit your personal preference, and you can boost your bets with the Special Bets and Neighbours options.









Roulette Pro is currently only for depositing players, if you’re not already signed up why not take the plunge this weekend and spin the hottest wheel in town? You can get £5 Free right now and get straight to grips with this great game.  You wouldn’t be the first player to win a Prime Jackpot after getting started with £5 Free!


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