Beat the Bank Holiday Rain

This bank holiday weekend is a great chance to relax and unwind, but with heavy rain predicted across England and Wales, it looks like the weather could put a damper on summer barbecues and trips to the seaside. If you’re stuck at home – don’t worry – Prime ScratchCards will come to the rescue and guarantee you some fun over the long weekend!

This is a great time to surf through the Prime ScratchCards Lobby and catch up with some of your old favourites. All the recent focus has been on the exciting new releases like Winners, Spin the Gold and Spider-Man Hero. With so many great new games, it’s easy to forget that there are over 100 superb classics that have paid out some serious money in Prime Jackpots over the last few years. They’re still going strong and are loads of fun to play:

Crazy Cat is a crazy game that everybody loves. Our cartoon cats are hiding in the dustbins, catch them in the act and you’ll win a Cash Prize. One of our lucky winners hit a £10,000 Prime Jackpot playing this fun game!

Another old favourite is the The Lost Maya it’s an exciting adventure game that takes you to a ruined temple in the middle of the South American rain forest. If you’re fast enough – and brave enough- you could escape with a £100,000 cash prize. You won’t have to run through the jungle with a rucksack full of gold either; we’ll pay your prize straight into your account in the currency of your choice!

After all the excitement of the Olympics and Euro 2012, it’s time for a more relaxing sports game. Gone Fishin’ is the ultimate in laid back, chilled out fun. But with Instant Cash Prizes ready to be reeled in at any time, this game can prove deceptive!

If you’re already enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend, why not have even more fun and play some of your old favourites at Prime ScratchCards – or check out some of our amazing New Games!


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