Win a Million with Macau Nights!

Sometimes the simplest games are the best because they’re fast, exciting and easy to play. Macau Nights is all of these and much more; from a straight £1 bet you can win a  truly massive

 £1,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT

Macau Nights is a superb 3 reel slots game that will blow you away. Its set on the peninsular of Macau on the edge of the South China Seas – the casino capital of the Orient – where wealthy tourists gamble the humid nights away.

Macau is described as the Monte Carlo of the East with good reason, it’s been a haven for sports and gaming lovers for over 150 years, and is even bigger than Las Vegas!

To play Macau Nights click SPIN and watch for the winning symbols. You’ll see an combination of old style fruit machine favourites like Cherries, Bells and BAR as well as Chinese Dragons and Kanji. The amazing PRIME PAYTABLE can multiply your winnings up to X2000

Remember: Macau Nights is a straight £1 bet that can play all the way up to a

£1,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Macau Nights isn’t the only game at Prime ScratchCards where you can win a life changing £1,000,000.

If you want to hit the big time check out our ever popular 3WOW! and Super 3WOW! – 2 more games that could make you a millionaire with 1 click of the mouse!

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