Wild West

Brand New Game

From Thursday

We’re off to the Wild West where the gun makes the law, and desperate men and dangerous women have their eyes fixed on a massive


We’re taking you straight back to the age of frontier towns with bandits, gunslingers and stage coaches; and the scratch card version of the OK Coral. Click to choose your card price then be quick on the draw.

Hidden behind one of the windows of this clapboard shack is a bandit. You’ve got to shoot him…..

If you shoot the right window you’ll win a reward in the form of an Instant Cash Prize of even a Massive PRIME JACKPOT!

Wanted Dead or Alive

Most games at Prime ScratchCards have some pretty colourful characters, but the Wild West bandits and desperadoes are in a class of their own. There are some very ugly customers chasing the gold, and unless you’re as fast as lightning with the six gun, they’ll take the lot!

Wild West is  the newest game at Prime ScratchCards and they just keep on getting better and better. We’ve got loads of New Releases planned over the coming months, and we’re going to make even more of our lucky players into BIG WINNERS this year.

If you can shoot straight you’re already in with a chance with Wild West!

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