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Travel the World with Prime ScratchCards!

 The Prime ScratchCards World Tour Continues!

We’ve hacked our way through the jungle to find the Lost Maya and been on a 5th Avenue shopping spree, now it’s time to take to sea and sail away to the Caribbean Island that is Pirates Paradise.


It’s only a few hundred year since pirates terrorised the Caribbean, seizing Spanish galleons, plundering cities and looting fortunes. They developed fearsome reputations, and inspired classic stories like Treasure Island, as they drunk and fought their way around the world. The Prime ScratchCards pirates have a treasure in the form of a massive


That is just waiting to be claimed by a lucky winner!

Fortunately there’s no need to fight your way into Pirates Paradise, nor do you have to dig for the treasure; simply click to place a bet and then click SPIN. If you want to fire a broadside click MAX BET and AUTOPLAY. The symbols that could make you rich are; treasure chests, cutlasses, pistols, flaming grenades and pirate hats.

Check out the Prime Paytable!


You can play Pirates Paradise for just 10p a spin!

Some of the most notorious Pirates were British, they plagued the shipping lanes and raided inland, even attacking cities. Famous names who sailed under the Jolly Roger included the legendary Blackbeard, Henry Morgan and Bartholomew Roberts. Although stories about making prisoners walk the plank were probably made up, the pirates were wild men; there were also some wild women like Anne Bonney and Mary Read.

Most of the real pirates of the Carribean came to a bad end; they were killed in action or hanged, some died of fever or rum. Only a few survived to spend their money.

If you’re a big winner with Pirates Paradiseyou could be off to the Caribbean to visit the old pirate haunts like Jamaica, Cuba and Barbados (and you’ll get your PRIME JACKPOT paid into your bank account – not in pieces of eight)

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