Time for some Sport!

Time for some Sport!

Watching Wimbledon this week has put us in the mood for some sport and the best all round sports game at

Prime ScratchCards

Has definitely got to be the classic 6 Reel Slots game Ready, Set, Go!

This superb game is set against the backdrop of a massive floodlit sports stadium, where the top prize isn’t a gold medal, but a

Massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Just about every sport gets a mention at Ready, Set, Go! with loads of winning symbols ready to deliver Instant Cash Prizes.

If you like sports – and you’re also a Slots fan – you’ll love Ready, Set, Go!

You can play up to 6 reels at once just by clicking on the screen. Click to place a bet then click SPIN. It really is that simple.  PLAY MAX and AUTOPLAY will bring you a fast game with no need to take a break.

For all you Wimbledon fans there’s also a winning tennis combination that could see you reaching for the Champagne tonight:

Play More Great Sports Games

There are some more great Sports Games at Prime ScratchCards – don’t miss out on the fun. Or on the endless Instant Cash Payouts.

Goal Kick and World Champions are the perfect games for anybody who is crazy about football and we’ve got everything else from the high speed Road Racing to the incredibly laid back Gone Fishin’. Calling it ‘laid back’ is actually a little bit deceptive because there’s nothing laid back about reeling in a

Massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

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