The Longest Day of the Year!

Tomorrow is Officially the Longest Day of the Year!

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice and officially the longest day of the year, Friday will be Midsummer’s Day.  Summer’s finally here – though with the recent weather you could be forgiven for doubting that!

Fortunately the Sun’s Always Shining at Prime ScratchCards!

We’re all geared up for summer and don’t care if it’s cold or wet. Our games will take you straight to the warmest and most exotic locations with a single click – and you might come back rich!

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We’re all hoping that the weather in the UK will improve soon and that July will be a month of shades, shorts and barbecues, because there’s nothing more miserable than a cold wet summer. But even if it doesn’t some of our Lucky Winners will be able to afford to fly away to the destination of their choice. That could be party time on a Mediterranean island, relaxing by the pool with a cold drink and a good book, or exploring a tropical paradise with the family.

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Summer also means Wimbledon.

To celebrate 150 years of tennis, strawberries and cream,

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