The Joys of July Continue!

The Joys of July Continue!

We’re half way though July now and the Joys of July is continuing full on. There is another Brand New Game with a superb special promotion coming next week – but we can’t tell you any more about it just yet. You need to keep checking back here until the countdown begins!

There’s been a great response to our 2 recent Joys of July releases; Flowers of Spring and 3 Card Solitaire. The feedback on 3 Card Solitaire in particular has been amazing. Players love the game – and the fact that they can claim their winning and start a new game at any time. If you haven’t played 3 Card Solitaire you should definitely check it out. But be warned, once you start playing you may find it hard to stop!

Test Both Luck and Skill with 3 Card Solitaire!

3 Card Solitaire is the very first skill game at Prime ScratchCards. There’s an element of luck in the original cards that you’re dealt, but it’s how you play them that could win you a seriously huge Prime Jackpot.  The maximum win rate with 3 Card Solitaire is an amazing £40 PER CARD!!!

Don’t forget that if you’re new to 3 Card Solitaire,
You can get the hang of this great game for free in our Practice Play section.

Play until you cash in your winnings for just £1:04 a game!

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