Spend a Day in the Far East

Spend a Day in the Far East

with Prime ScratchCards!

One thing about Prime ScratchCards is that we love to get around – and we’ve got games set all around the world. You can make a mug of tea and play on almost every continent, without leaving the comfort of your home.  Or, if you’re stuck at work, you can login and fly away to far off places for an hour or two. You might even come back with a Massive

£2,000,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

We’re in an Oriental mood today and we’re featuring some great games set in the Far East. Dragon’s Gold and Sudoku Panda are two superb Chinese themed games and Sakura Garden is based in Japan. They’re all fun, exciting and could make you our next Big Winner!

If you’re a fan of Sudoku puzzles – or you love Pandas – this is definitely your game. Sudoku Panda is a classic scratch card that’s both fast moving and easy to play. There are loads of INSTANT CASH PRIZES and every player can win an amazing

£100,000 PRIME JACKPOT on a single card!

Experience the Beauty of the Cherry Blossoms with Sakura Garden…

Sakura Garden is a 3 Reel Slots game set in a Japanese garden under the slopes of Mount Fuji. Amongst the cherry blossoms are 3 machines that come with an impressive PRIME PAYTABLE, ready to boost your winnings to the sky.

If 3 Reel Slots are your thing, you’re in luck, because today’s 3rd game is the amazing Dragon’s Gold. It’s a fast Slots game that’s produced A LOT of winners this year. Dragon’s Gold has really delivered some action.

If you hit a PRIME JACKPOT you could be spending the New Year in China or Japan; checking out all the sites, experiencing their amazing ancient cultures and eating some of the best food you ever had!

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