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Prime ScratchCards fans have got an early Christmas present today in the form of Postcards – a superb BRAND NEW GAME with an amazing


Postcards is a classic scratch card game that allows you to play up to 3 lines at once and triple your chances of an Instant Cash Prize or a major PRIME JACKPOT.

To play this great game the first thing you have to do is choose your destination. Click on Change City, then click the flag that you want to play. To make it even more interesting click Random and head for a surprise destination!

All you have to do then is click Play and try and guess which Postcards are hiding an Instant Cash Prize. If you get it right your winnings will go straight into your account.

Despite the Bad Weather London is Still a Popular Destination!

Since Postcards was  launched this morning we’ve already paid out thousands of INSTANT CASH PRIZES, but we haven’t had our 1st BIG WINNER yet. That means you could be the very 1st Lucky Player to hit the


We couldn’t think of a better Christmas present or a happier start to the New Year than to win that kind of cash!

If you are one of our lucky winners you could be jetting off to the country of your choice to spend some of your prize money on the holiday of a lifetime. Be sure to send us some Postcards if you do!

Remember: you can play Postcards for just 25p a game!

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