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Road Racing!

We’re continuing the fast car theme this weekend at Prime ScratchCards with Road Racing, a great scratch card game that already produced several Big Winners.  Road Racing is a fast and fun game that allows you to play up to 4 cards at once as you try and match up identical pairs of cars. There’s everything from beat up old buses to high performance sports cars – and they can all drive you straight to an Instant Cash Prize – or even a massive


All our games at Prime ScratchCards are designed to be easy to play and let you start pulling in the cash prizes, with no fuss or time wasted on downloads. Road Racing is no exception, to play just click to choose your PAIR PRICE and click again to choose how many pairs you want to play. As soon as you’re behind the dashboard you can begin winning.  A simple 25p bet can bring you up to £2,500 and you can play all the way up to our amazing £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Most of us drive everyday, but Road Racing with Prime ScratchCards is a whole new experience!

If things are a little slow at home or at work this weekend, why not speed them up with Road Racing or Auto Show, another great car game at Prime ScratchCards. 1 in every 3 cards is a guaranteed winner, which means that you will definitely not get bored – and you might be reaching for the champagne Grand Prix style if you match up the right combination of cars.

Remember: you can play Road Racing for just 25p a card!

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, we hope you have a great time. If you’re not a car fan, we’ve still got over 100 more fantastic games for you to choose from. Check out our Fantasy Section, Casino, Sports, Slots and loads more. Only at

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