Prime ScratchCards has another big winner!

Prime ScratchCards has another big winner!
Juha-Matti R. from Finland won €20,000 playing “Jacks or Better”
Juha-Matti had been playing Prime ScratchCards for a few months when his lucky day arrived. “Jacks or Better is my favorite game. I love the mix of scratch cards and poker. If you think you’ve tried every flavor of poker out there, you’ve got to check out this game!”

“Jacks or Better” is an exhilarating version of poker and a favorite on Prime ScratchCards in which you play 25 hands at once and can win up to €5,000 per hand.

A weightlifter by profession, our proud winner has been lucky enough to have his name in the Guinness Book of World Records. He plays hard and competes to win. Every winner knows that skill isn’t enough – a bit of good luck can make all the difference at work and play.

Juha-Matti is glad he won and promises to be back. “Sure, I’ll never forget the day I won.”
Prime ScratchCards is proud to entertain players like Juha-Matti. We hope to announce bigger winners soon.

Could one of them be you?

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