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Meet Claude G

The Latest Winner at Prime ScratchCards!

Claude G is the latest lucky player to hit it big at Prime ScratchCards with a win on Grand Crown. Claude narrowly missed winning a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT, but still got the surprise of his life when he won an amazing


Claude is a pensioner who used some of his free time to play Prime ScratchCards; after trying nearly all the games he settled on Grand Crown and played to win!

€50,000 is a serious win and Claude’s making the most of it already, spoiling his family and enjoying life to the full.

Apart from Prime ScratchCards, Claude’s big passion in life is song writing. Hopefully we’ll be hearing from him again when he writes the next big hit!

You Could Win Too!

Some games develop a reputation for being lucky. We’re not sure exactly why this happens – it could just be the number of people who are playing them – or there may be other reasons. It could be that Grand Crown is going to be a ‘Lucky Game’  (even though every game at Prime ScratchCards pays out at least 1 in every 3 plays).

Claude G reckons that Prime ScratchCards changed his life. You could be next!

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