Oasis Dream


Oasis Dreams

Welcome to Oasis Dreams, the scorching hot 3 reel slots game that everybody is talking about at

Prime ScratchCards!

Oasis Dreams takes you to the heart of the desert, where the Bedouin camp under palm trees, and the camels drink from the pools of precious water. Somewhere in the Oasis is a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT just waiting for a lucky winner to come along and claim it. If you’re ready to play this superb 3 reel slots game, you could be that lucky winner!

Like all our 3 reel slots Oasis Dreams is fast and simple to play – and every bit as fun as a real machine. Click to place a bet then click SPIN and the winning symbols will start flashing by. Any Treasure Map will bring you an Instant Cash Prize and 3 Treasure Chests will earn you a BONUS ROUND where you will be a guaranteed winner!

Don’t forget the amazing PRIME PAYTABLE!

3 Camels can boost your winnings up to X10,000

Other winning symbols include Date Palms, a Bedouin Girl, Water Jars and Falcons.

Remember: You can play Oasis Dreams for just 10p a game!

Oasis Dreams can become your dreams if you’re our next BIG WINNER. When a PRIME JACKPOT  appears on your bank balance you can suddenly afford to make at least some of your dreams come true. Those dreams might even include a luxury trip to a desert oasis in Morocco, Sinai or Oman!

Oasis Dreams isn’t the only desert game at Prime ScratchCards. If you love the hot sand dunes and mystery of the Empty Quarter why not try Genie – our superb scratch card set in a desert cave.

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