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Tomorrow morning we’re launching a Brand New Game at

Prime ScratchCards!

Ask people what board games they remember from childhood and the chances are that most of them will mention Monopoly. It’s an iconic game that millions of people have enjoyed playing over the years. The idea is to go around the board, acquiring property and making money out of the other players; you can place houses and hotels on your property and charge them rent. Everybody who ever played Monopoly will remember Community Chest and Chance cards – and going to jail for throwing 3 doubles in a row!

Monopoly Riches is the Brand New game from Prime ScratchCards that is just as much fun to play – and could make you RICH!

Pass GO and collect your INSTANT CASH PRIZE!

Traditional Monopoly is played with paper money, but Monopoly Riches is the real thing.

If you pass GO you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize straight into your account. Or possibly even a Massive


You can play Monopoly Riches at Prime ScratchCards from tomorrow.  Don’t miss out – be the first lucky player to

Pass GO!

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