Need some Peace and Quiet?


 Need some Peace and Quiet?

Most of our games at Prime ScratchCards are all about excitement, fast fun and fantasy. Favourites include;

Road Racing, Monaco Glamour and Spy Comics.


But sometimes, after a hard week, all you want is a little peace and quiet and relaxation…and when that’s the case we’ve got the perfect game for you:


Gone Fishin’ is probably the most chilled out game on the whole site and a great chance to relax and enjoy some time out.

But don’t expect to relax completely with Gone Fishin’ because the Prime Catch is a massive


And plenty of other players will be reeling in Instant Cash Prizes!


You can play Gone Fishin’ for just 50p a game!

To play Gone Fishin’ just click to choose your card price and then click PLAY. All you have to do is click on the fisherman who you think is about to hook a Prime Catch. But beware of old boots at the bottom of the sea – they definitely won’t bring you an Instant Cash Payout!

If you don’t want a relaxing weekend there’s no need to worry – just log onto Prime ScratchCards – at any time of the day or night and choose from over 80 fast moving Slots, Casino, Sports and Fantasy games that never stop paying out!


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