Keep Smiling (and get an extra 10% BONUS)

Brand New Game

Keep Smiling

(and get an extra 10% Bonus when you make a deposit)

The best way to get through life is to Keep Smiling – and that’s the name of the latest fun game at Prime ScratchCards.

8 Great Reasons to Keep Smiling!

Keep Smiling is a classic scratch card game that allows you to play up to 8 lines at once, guaranteeing all kinds of Instant Cash Payouts. We’ve got some funny characters at Prime ScratchCards – like Esmeralda the Prime Witch and the Monsters from Memory Madness. Now it’s time to meet the ‘Emoticons’ of Keep Smiling. If you need cheering up this week The Wink, The Grin and The DJ are ready and waiting to bring a smile to your face.  Prime ScratchCards is all about fun!

These cheerful and cheeky characters could lead you straight to a Massive


To play Keep Smiling click to choose your LINE PRICE and click to choose NUMBER OF LINES.

If you want a fast game click AUTOPLAY and MAX LINES.

Remember: you can keep on smiling for just 25p a card!

If you make a Deposit today insert the Bonus Code*


and get an extra 10% Cash to play with!

*Terms and conditions apply

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