It’s the Big Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the Biggest Wedding of the Century!

It’s the Big Day Tomorrow for Prince William and Kate Middleton. The rehearsals are over and (almost) everything is in place. I’ve a feeling that there are going to be some very nervous people in London tonight. Getting married is stressful enough, but doing it in front of half the planet must be a nightmare. Not to mention all the soldiers who’ll be up half the night, putting the finishing touches to their uniforms; and wondering if they’ll make a mistake in front of the cameras tomorrow.

Big Winner?

The main question here at Prime ScratchCards is if we’ll have a Big Winner tomorrow. We know that the lucky game will be:

We haven’t had a Big Winner yet with Royal Wedding. Although a lot of players have pulled in some very nice Instant Cash Prizes, nobody has won the massive

£100,000 Prime Jackpot

Or even the amazing

£50,000 Prime Jackpot

There’s a lot of speculation that tomorrow could be when it happens. There are also some rumours floating around the office that there will be a few special surprises when people play Royal Wedding tomorrow…..

Everybody at Prime ScratchCards would like to wish the Royal Couple a perfect day tomorrow; and a long and happy life together.

And to everybody who’s playing Royal Wedding ……. good luck as well!

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