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Hi Lo Fever


The temperature is rising this  weekend with Hi Lo Fever, the superb new 3 machine numbers game at Prime ScratchCards, that lets you keep on betting, as you test your luck and judgement playing for a massive cash prize!


Hi Lo Fever is fast, fun and straight to the point. Click to place your bet then choose your machines. There will be a number displayed on each machine, simply click HI or LO depending what you think the next number will be. Numbers range from 142 so you can use your judgement a lot of the time. If the number 3 is shown it’s a pretty safe bet that you need to click HI. If the number is 41 the ovious choice is LO. When you have middle range numbers like 20 you need to guess or follow your intuition; and it’s that kind of luck that produces Big Winners!

If you don’t like your original numbers you can hit the Shuffle button up to 3 times every game.

You can play Hi Lo Fever for just 10p a game!

You can play Hi Lo Fever for just 10p a game and a long as you’re guessing correctly you can keep on playing and increasing your prize money. You can put your winnings into your account anytime by clicking Collect

If you want to relax this weekend with a fun and exciting game Hi Lo Fever is a great choice. You can also check out HiLo 54 in the Prime ScratchCards Casino Games section where there is a great selection of casino and numbers games that all come with a massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT and thousands of Instant Cash Prizes every hour!

We’ve got something for everyone, so why not take some time out this weekend and see if you can boost your bank balance playing one of or great HiLo games. You’ll be surprised just how much fun they are!

You could be our next Big Winner!

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