Have a Relaxing Sunday!

Have a Nice Relaxing Sunday!

Prime ScratchCards has loads of fast moving and exciting games; Adventure Jack, Fast Cars, Wild West, Spy Comics…..our fans are spoiled for choice.  But we’ve also got what is possibly the most laid back game in the world – Gone Fishin’

When you want to Take it Easy – Gone Fishin’ is the Game to Play!

Nothing could be more restful than floating on a lake and fishing for an Instant Cash Prize, which makes Gone Fishin’ the perfect game to unwind with after a busy week. If you want some quiet time this Sunday come and join the 3 fishermen. To play Gone Fishin all you have to do is click to choose your card price and click again to choose the fisherman who you think is about to reel a fish in. Get it wrong and you’ll be left with an old boot or some other piece of junk from the mud at the bottom. Guess right and you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize or even a Massive PRIME JACKPOT. At least one of the fish swimming around in the lake is worth an amazing:

£100,000 Top Prize!

Remember: you can play Gone Fishin’ for just 50p a card!

If you’re a Prime ScratchCards fan Sundays never have to be boring again. We’ve go over 100 great games with something for everyone. You can choose from Sports, Casino, Fantasy, Slots and many more – and you can win anything from a quick Instant Cash Prize to a life changing £1,000,000 3WOW! PRIME JACKPOT!

Breaking News – Another Superb Game

We’re continuing with our promise to make September a special month by launching another Brand New Game tomorrow. You’ll have to wait until then for the details; but the rumour is that it’s going to be a good one. There’ll also be a special promotion to go with it!

Check back tomorrow morning and you could be the next Big Winner with the latest release from Prime ScratchCards!

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