Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all our Scratch Card Fans!

The Easter Bunnies are out and about today, ready to bring all you chocaholics a big ration of Easter Eggs.

People who are in the know will be thinking about Lucky Eggs, because they’re the ones that might contain a massive


Our friendly Easter Bunnies may be cute, but they’re not stupid. One of them has a sack full of Easter Eggs, if you can guess which one, you’ll be laughing!

Every time you choose the correct Bunny an Instant Cash Prize will go straight into your account!

Remember: You can play Lucky Eggs for just 50p a card!

If you’re the next Big Winner with Lucky Eggs you could be spending next Easter somewhere exciting. One thing’s for certain; some of our lucky players will be celebrating today when they win Cash Prizes playing this superb scratch card!

Did You Know?

Here’s a bit of Trivia for you: Did you know that there are 3 more ‘Lucky’ games at Prime ScratchCards?

You could say that all our games are lucky because our fans win Instant Cash Prizes on them every day, but there are some games that are Really Lucky.

2011 is the year where it’s all happening at Prime ScratchCards so don’t miss out. Come and try your luck with the best Scratch Card games on the internet!

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