Get some Adventure this Sunday!

Get some Adventure this Sunday

With Prime ScratchCards

There’s no reason for Sundays to ever be boring if you’re a Prime ScratchCards fan. We’ve got adventure on tap and all you have to do is login. There are some superb games set all over the world and featuring some great characters like Adventure Jack. You can follow Prime ScratchCard’s very own Indiana Jones and he searches through ruined jungle temples for ancient treasure. In fact, the treasure isn’t all that ancient, because it comes in the form of a very modern


If Adventure Jack’s amazing 20 line 5 reel slots and the WILD, SCATTER and BONUS cards aren’t enough for you, why not brave the dangers of the Lost Maya for another MASSIVE PRIME JACKPOT?

Brave the Lost Maya!

Somewhere deep in the South American jungle is the Lost Maya a classic scratch card game that also promises a MASSIVE PRIME JACKPOT to at least one lucky player. There are thousands of other smaller treasures in the form of INSTANT CASH PRIZES waiting for anybody who’s ready to seek out the Lost Maya!

You can play the Lost Maya for just 50p a card!

But if you guess wrong all you’ll be taking home is spiders…..

Luckily 1 in every 3 cards at Prime ScratchCards is a guaranteed winner, so the INSTANT CASH PRIZES keep on coming and you’ll have a great chance to be our next BIG WINNER!

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