Get Paid to Play Sports Games!

Get Paid to Play Sports Games!

At Prime ScratchCards

Anybody who’s logged onto Prime ScratchCards recently will know that we now have 100 superb games for you to choose from.

To celebrate the release of our 100th Game we’ve brought you the amazing

100th Game Challenge

We’ll send you a list of 25 great games every week – all you have to do is play them. It’s like a grand tour of the Prime ScratchCards site. If you play all of them you get a Free £25 Bonus.

You can check out some of our selection of top Sports Games; ranging from the very laid back Gone Fishin, to the ultra fast

Road Racing. Football fans will love Goal Kick, Ready Set Go and World Champions, where you have the chance to score a

Massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Top Tip: Bowling has produced several Big Winners over the last couple of years…..

Interestingly some of the biggest sports fans at Prime ScratchCards are women. We recently launched Dress Up Diva as a special game for the ladies, but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of you were hitting PRIME JACKPOTS with our superb Sports Games too!

Check back again soon for a few hints and some top tips on our Fantasy Games – when you take up the 100th Game Challenge you’ll definitely be playing a few of them..

Don’t forget to tell your friends about Prime ScratchCards and our amazing 100th Game Challenge. Everytime one of your friends joins us we’ll give you another £25 Bonus!

The more of your friends, family, colleagues and mates you refer to us – the more money you’ll get!

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