Get Paid to Play Fantasy Games!

Get Paid to Play Fantasy Games!

At Prime ScratchCards!

We’re still running the superb 100th Game Challenge at Prime ScratchCards where you get paid to play 25 amazing Scratch Card and Instant Win games every week.

The 100th Game Challenge is a special gift to our players to celebrate the release of our 100th game. Take up the challenge and receive a guided tour of Prime ScratchCards. All you have to do is check your email and play the list of 25 games that we sent you. You’ve got a whole week to try each game and get a great £25 Free Bonus!

When you take up the 100th Game Challenge you’ll definitely get a chance to play our top selection of Fantasy Games. We pride ourselves on the variety and creativity of our games and the Fantasy Section contains some of the very best.

There are some real characters at Prime ScratchCards, and if you get on their right side they could make you rich…..

Meet Esmeralda the Prime Witch

Not all witches are bad news, Esmeralda is ready to cast a spell that will deliver a

Massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT to at least one Lucky Player.

She’s already pulled thousands of Instant Cash Prizes out of her cauldron!

The Monsters of Memory Madness

The Monsters of Memory Madness are also busy conjuring up Instant Cash Prizes and PRIME JACKPOTS in their crazy laboratory.

These guys never sleep and are ready to hand out the cash 24 hours a day!

Whether you like comic characters, wizards, ogres or enchanted forests, you’ll love our wonderful Fantasy Games. Every game is fun and fast moving and they all guarantee thousands of Instant Cash Prizes. If you haven’t tried them – you’re missing out!

Real Life could be just like a Fairy Tale if  YOU’RE our next


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