Get in the Fast Lane with Auto Show!

Get in the Fast Lane with Auto Show!

We’ve had a lot of winners on Auto Show recently so we thought we’d feature this fast moving five reel slots game on the Blog.  If you love cars this is definitely a game for you!

Auto Show is not just a conventional 5 reel slots game where you spin the reels and collect a prize; there’s a whole lot more to this superbly designed Flash Game.  When you play Auto Show you can play up to 20 lines at once and boost your winnings all the way up to an amazing


Certain cars at the Auto Show are classics and if you get 3 or more of them you’ll go straight through to a special Bonus Round that can turn an INSTANT CASH PRIZE into a BIG WIN!

Welcome to the Workshop!

The special Bonus Round takes place in the Auto Show workshop where there are several Cash Multipliers scattered around the garage.  All you have to do is keep clicking on all the different objects until you find a Stop Sign. Your original prize could be multiplied several times over!

Spare tires, tool boxes, jacks and spare parts could make you rich if you click on them in the right order. You have to get as many as you can before the Stop Sign appears!

Remember: You can play Auto Show for just 10p a spin!

Auto Show is an exciting game with loads of winning combinations. If you hit a PRIME JACKPOT you could be driving away with your very own classic car – or even just something small and easy to park – if you want to spend the rest of your winnings on holidays and all kinds of other fun things.

There are more car games at Prime ScratchCards and we’ll be featuring them on the Blog later this week; as well as some great tips on how to be a Big Winner playing the best online games in the world.

Get in the Fast Lane!

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