Flowers of Spring


Flowers of Spring

Flowers of Spring is a colourful new game from Prime ScratchCards may see your bank balance grow as fast as the spring flowers.  This is a classic scratch card game that allows you to choose from 9 budding shoots and find 3 identical flowers. The Prime flower garden is definitely growing more than just roses and tulips, because you’ll be picking Instant Cash Prizes almost every time you play!

To play Flowers of Spring click to choose your card price then click on the green shoots that you think will be your lucky flowers.  If you want them to shoot up at a tropical rate click SHOW ALL. 1 in every 3 cards is a guaranteed winner and there is also a


just waiting to bloom!

PRIME JACKPOTS don’t grow on trees, but they do grow in flower gardens, and are helped along the way by WILD and bonuses. Find the right combination of flowers and your winnings could be boosted up to X10,000!

July is Going to be a Great Month!

July is going to be a great month at Prime ScratchCards. We’ve got even more great New Games lined up for you to play and some superb competitions to go with them.  Keep checking back to see the fantastic prizes that are coming this month!

Remember: you can play Flowers of Spring for just 50p a card!

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