Can You Play 25 Games in 1 Week?

Can You Play 25 Games in 1 Week?

That’s the big question at Prime ScratchCards right now.

If you reckon you can play 25 games in a single week you’ll be in line for a £25 Free Bonus

We’re emailing our fans a list of 25 every week – it could be your short cut to a


Even if you don’t hit the Big One, our lucky players are regularly winning some fantastic cash prizes.

The more games you play the more chance you’ll have of winning – and the more fun you’ll have!

That’s guaranteed…

Our Design Team at Prime ScratchCards has worked hard over the last few years to bring you all the top quality games, they had to ensure that every game was fun and easy to play, had an imaginative theme, and used the very best graphics and Flash technology.

Those are some reasons why scratch cards fans keep on coming back to

Prime ScratchCards!

If you love fun, colourful and exciting games – you’ll love having an extra £25 a week to play them!

Remember: £25 will buy you 250 spins on many of our superb 3 and 5 reel slots!

If you like it – make sure really LIKE it!

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