Around the World with Prime ScratchCards


Travel the World with Prime ScratchCards!

If you’re anything like us you probably hate Mondays too. The weekend’s finished and another week of work and routine has just started; and with January weather there’s not even the bonus of a nice sunny day to cheer you up.

Fortunately you can take a break with Prime ScratchCards and travel the world with our great games that are set on almost every continent. All this week we’ll take you on a world tour, visiting a different place every day, and introducing a fun and exciting game to go with it.

Prime ScratchCards World Tour

Our first destination is the humid jungles of Central America where we go in search of the Lost Maya and a hidden treasure worth


Somewhere in the jungle is a lost Mayan temple. If you can find your way through the ruins and spiders you could be going home with a £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

Not to mention one of the thousands of Instant Cash prizes that are won every day!

Inside the treasure chamber are 3 stone doors and behind one of those doors is a golden treasure. Click on the door that you think contains the prize.


You can play Lost Maya for just 50p a card!

The Mayans were a people who lived in Central America, you can still find their descendants in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and El Salvador, and see the remains of their amazing civilisation. If you’re our next Big Winner you could be off to visit the jungle pyramids, temples and palaces of the real Lost Maya!


Mayan Ruins at Palenque

Check back soon to see our next destination on the Prime ScratchCards World Tour as we travel the globe with all the best scratch cards and Instant Win games on the internet!

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