Around the World with Prime ScratchCards 5


Travel the World with Prime ScratchCards!

 The Prime ScratchCards World Tour Continues!

The latest leg of the Prime ScratchCards World Tour takes us to the heart of the Arabian Desert at night to meet:

The Prime Genie is trapped in a lamp, hidden away in a desert cave amongst a pile of treasure. He won’t grant you 3 wishes like the Genies in the old stories – but if you set him free he might grant you a huge


We’ve all heard the story of Aladdin and the lamp. In the Prime ScratchCards version of this classic tale each Genie emerges from the lamp with 6 precious stones; if the stones match you win an Instant Cash prize. Or perhaps even a massive


Click to choose your card price then click PLAY. Click on the 3 lamps to see what the Genie has in store for you.


You can play Genie for just 50p a card!


The original story of Aladdin and the Genie  comes from the Arabian Nights also known as 1000 Nights and 1 Night.  It also featured in the animated Disney film Aladdin if you enjoyed the game check out the film!


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