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Travel the World with Prime ScratchCards!

 The Prime ScratchCards World Tour Continues!

We’re back to the jungle on the latest stage of the Prime ScratchCards world tour, this time in Africa:

Jungle Joy is a classic 9 panel scratch card where the jungle animals hold the key to a massive


To play Jungle Joy click to make a bet then click PLAY. Hidden behind the grey panels are the crazy jungle characters who might make you rich – if you can find 3 of the same animals you’ll win an Instant Cash Prize!

You can play Jungle Joy for just 50p a card!

The only thing missing from this African jungle is Tarzan and that’s because he’s rumoured to have already won a PRIME JACKPOT and is sunning himself on the beach somewhere!


This cheeky monkey could be the one who makes you the next Big Winner at

Prime ScratchCards!

Africa is a massive continent that still has plenty of tropical rain forest and jungle, there are also huge areas of bush and savannah packed with wildlife. Win a PRIME JACKPOT and you could be exploring these amazing habitats, staying in hunting lodges and going on safari trips with expert guides.

It would take a whole lifetime to really see all of Africa, but countries like Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa are great places to start.  Sometimes a one or two day drive can take you from mountains and jungle, through grasslands and deserts to the coast, seeing amazing wildlife all along the way.
Our next Big Winner could be setting off on the adventure of a lifetime!

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