Add Some Fun to your Sunday!

Add Some Fun to your Sunday!

With Some of the Crazy Characters at Prime ScratchCards!

People sometimes complain that Sundays can be boring, but if you’re a Prime ScratchCards fan you’ve no reason to ever get bored. Not only have we got some of the most fun and exciting online games in the world; we’ve got some of the craziest characters you’ll ever meet anywhere. Our cartoon friends won’t just have you in stitches – they could make you rich!

Catch a Wild West Bandit and Win a £100,000 Reward!

One game that’s full of crazy characters is Wild West, a classic shoot ’em up scratch card that features the most hopeless Outlaws in the West.  They may start out looking tough but they very quickly pay out Instant Cash Prizes….

Jungle Joy

There are even more crazy cartoon characters swinging from the trees in Jungle Joy a mega fun 9 panel scratch card game.

If you can match up just 3 of the jungle animals you could win a massive


If you’re finding Sunday a bit slow, why not logon to Prime ScratchCards and speed things up with some Prime Fun?  There’s over 100 scratch cards and Instant Win Games and the fun never stops.  You could be the next Big Winner when you get to grips with the crazy characters who make Prime ScratchCards the most fun games site on the internet!

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