A New Winner Down Under!


Congratulations to Caleb S!

$20,300  Win!

Big congratulations to Caleb in Australia from everybody at

Prime ScratchCards!

Caleb recently won an amazing $20,300 when he hit a Massive Prime Jackpot. He had an unbelievable run of luck, because in the TWO WEEKS that he’d been playing at Prime ScratchCards he had TWO WINS!

Caleb’s first win was a cool $550 that encouraged him to keep on playing. A week later he hit the big time and scooped up a PRIME JACKPOT!

Caleb had a lot to say about his win – but it can be summed up in a single sentence:

“Prime ScratchCards, you rock my world!”

Prime ScratchCards Down Under

We’ve already got several thousand scratch card fans in Australia now, but we don’t have an Australian themed game yet. If you’ve got any ideas for a scratch card, slots or instant win game that shows off everything that’s great about Australia, why not send us an email. We’ll pass on your ideas to the Design Team.

If you like games with an international feel to them, why not travel around the world with Prime ScratchCards. We’ve got games set in places as far apart as France, Japan and the North Pole.

Check out Sakura Garden, Cafe Paris and Ice Land – just 3 of our superb World Games!

You Could be the next Big Winner!

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