4th July!

Happy 4th July!

The 4th July – or Independence Day – is America’s National Day. We hope that all out fans who have a connection to the United States will have a really great day!

Today is a holiday across America and millions of people will be barbecuing, partying and attending parades and family events.

America is famous for a lot of things and there are quite a few American themed games at Prime ScratchCards. Give them a play on the 4th of July and you could get lucky……

Ask anybody what comes to mind when you mention America and the chances are that one of the things they mention will be the Wild West. America’s lawless frontier that produced the cowboy myths and hundreds of books and films.

Prime ScratchCards has it’s own version of the classic Western with

The Wild West is a superb shoot ’em up scratch card that pits you against the ugliest collection of desperadoes and bandits that you’ve ever seen. If you can match the face on the wanted poster to the shooter in the window of the shack – you’ll get the reward.

Most bandits are small fry, but they still come with an Instant Cash Prize. The real trouble makers have a serious bounty on their heads. If you can bring them in you’re looking at a Massive £100,000 PRIME JACKPOT!

To play The Wild West click to choose your card price and use your mouse to aim the revolver at the targets. Click to fire – you’ve got 3 chances to shoot out the right window and force the bandit to surrender. Click AUTOPLAY or SHOW ALL for some rapid fire!

£100,000 REWARD!

One of the Wild West bandits has a £100,000 reward on his head.
One of our Lucky Winners could be claiming that reward at any time!

Remember you can play Wild West for just 10p a game!

The Wild West produced some notorious outlaws and gunslingers; men like Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday and Jesse James and gangs like Butch Cassidy’s  Wild Bunch and the Black Hills Bandits.

The Prime ScratchCards bandits are ugly enough to give even them a run for their money!

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