Don’t Forget to Change the Clocks!

British Summer Time officially ends on Sunday morning – though it feels like it really ended months ago.  All the clocks in the UK will be going back an hour on Sunday morning. The good news is that this means an extra hour in bed, though it’s a pity it didn’t fall on Monday morning! It also means that you’ve got an extra hour to play all your favourite top quality games at Prime ScratchCards; and no excuses for not scooping up some INSTANT CASH PRIZES or maybe even becoming our next BIG WINNER….

Whatever the weather, autumn is definitely not a dreary time at Prime ScratchCards. We’ve got loads of fun and excitement lined up all the way to Christmas and the New Year; the next couple of months will be fantastic!


The next big date on the calendar is Halloween and our very own Prime Witch Esmeralda will be out and about, casting spells, cooking up potions in her cauldron and handing out some serious CASH PRIZES!

There will also be some special promotions and surprise prizes for some of our lucky players – so keep your eyes open over the next few days….

There’ll also be more than just fireworks for Bonfire Night this year as we launch some great free competitions and even more freebies all the way up to Christmas – which is only 8 weeks away! There are going to be some great opportunities for all our players over the next few months as we ramp up the fun and launch several great New Games.

If the cold and the wet are getting you down, log into Prime ScratchCards and take a break from it all with over 100 superb games and thousands of INSTANT CASH PRIZES every day. You could be the Lucky Winner who hits the


Just 8 weeks to go………

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to put your clocks back on Sunday!

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