Travel the World with Prime ScratchCards


Travel the World with Prime ScratchCards!

 The Prime ScratchCards World Tour Continues!

The Prime ScratchCards  world tour continues with a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun as we see the cherry blossoms of

The Most Beautiful 3 Reel Slots Game at Prime ScratchCards!

Sakura Garden is a classic 3 reel slots game set amongst the cherry blossoms near the slopes of Mount Fuji. You can play up to 3 machines at once and triple your chances of winning a massive


Winning symbols at Sakura Garden include; bamboo, geisha, cherry blossoms and Japanese fans. You can win Instant Cash Prizes 24/7 when you play this superb slots game and we guarantee that

 1 in every 3 spins is a winner!

For a fast game click PLAY MAX and AUTOPLAY

You can play Sakura Garden for just 10p a spin!

Sakura is Japanese for a cherry tree and it has been a tradition to picnic under the flowering cherry trees for over a thousand years. Most of the cherry trees in Japan blossom around the beginning of April, so if you’re our next Big Winner you could be travelling to Tokyo or Kyoto to join the thousands of Japanese who celebrate the Hanami festivals every year. If you like the idea of drinking sake under cherry trees at night, illuminated by paper lanterns and enjoying the party, play now and try for a massive PRIME JACKPOT!




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