3 Card Solitaire

Brand New Game

3 Card Solitaire

There’s a Brand New Game at Prime ScratchCards and it comes with a special 3 day promotion.

3 Card Solitaire is a very special game and is a new first at Prime ScratchCards. You can now play a full game of interactive Solitaire and win cash while playing!

Every time you succeed in removing a card from the game and place it on its pile you win a cash prize. The money builds up in your Total Wins and you can claim it back at any time. If you choose to end a game you still get to keep your money.

3 Card Solitaire is going to be a big hit with anybody who likes playing traditional patience or solitaire games, not only are you testing your skill and luck; but you could be the 1st Big Winner on this Brand New Game.

A nice little feature on 3 Card Solitaire is the Deck and Colour buttons that allow you to change the design of your cards and background colour.

Special Promotion!

You Can collect Free Raffle Tickets right up until Sunday morning every time you complete a game of 3 Card Solitaire. You’ll automatically be entered in the Free Prize Draw for a superb £100 Bonus and there’s no limit to how many tickets you can collect!

3 Card Solitaire is the latest release in our Joys of July promotion. Right through July we’re launching more games, better Free Competitions and some great surprises. Keep checking back to see what’s on offer.

Prime ScratchCards is getting better and better all the time!

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