Spin the Wheel with Zodiac!



Zodiac is the top horoscope game from Prime ScratchCards where this week’s  prediction is for Instant Cash Payouts!

Not to mention the possibility of a massive PRIME JACKPOT!

Whatever your starsign you’ll have a chance to win a fortune playing Zodiac

If you get lucky with Zodiac you could win a PRIME JACKPOT! ranging from a cool £5,000 to a massive £200,000 and that’s not to mention the thousands of Instant Cash Payouts that are won every day by lucky players. 1 in every 3 cards at Prime ScratchCards is a guaranteed winner which means that the prizes never stop coming.


Like all the best games at Prime ScratchCards Zodiac is really easy to play – just click to choose your card price then click to spin the wheel. Your winnings will be displayed on the screen automatically.

Remember: you can play Zodiac for just 50p a card!

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