Winning Streak Game


Royal Slots is the Latest Winning Streak Game!



Royal Slots is the latest winning streak game at Prime ScratchCards with several winners in the last 24 hours!



Sometimes a game just starts paying out and we have winner after winner within a very short time, we don’t know why this happens, but it’s something we’ve noticed several times before. 

Royal Slots has always been one of our most popular games, attracting fans of all ages who love the old style 3 reel slots.

There’s something about the simple machines and classic symbols that makes games like Royal Slots a real pleasure to play – they’re fast moving, colourful and pack a major punch when it comes to Instant Cash Payouts and



As well as thousands of Instant Cash Payouts every day, Royal Slots can deliver PRIME JACKPOTS ranging from a cool £5,000 to a massive life changing £200,000


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