Splash Cash is a superb fun game from Prime ScratchCards that packs a massive

£100,000 PRIME JACKPOT! 

To play Splash Cash you must select a stuntman who will try and jump through a wall in front of a swimming pool – the winner gets paid and the loser gets wet!

Some games were never intended to be taken seriously and they’re usually the most enjoyable to play. Splash Cash is a lot of fun and a chance to relax and enjoy the sight of the unlucky players go flying head first into the swimming pool.

 One thing about Splash Cash that isn’t a joke is the Instant Cash Prizes and massive PRIME JACKPOTS that come with this game.

You can be a really big winner when you play our favourite fun game at

 Prime ScratchCards!

Every time you play Splash Cash you’ll have a 1 in 3 chance of winning an Instant Cash Prize!

Remember: You can play Splash Cash for just 50p a game!

If you enjoyed  Splash Cash  be sure to check out more great games with a fun feel at Prime ScratchCards. We’d definitely recommend Gone Fishing, Craxy Cat and Memory Madness

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